Product list

Coarse Grains:

Oats: Derby:  This variety has a 107 day relative maturity with good resistance to lodging and shattering.  These things combined with a low percentage of hull, low dust and good milling characteristics make it an excellent choice for human consumption, pony oats or silage.  Yields upwards of 100 bushels per acre and weights of over 40 pounds per bushel are common with this variety.

Barley: AC Metcalfe: This variety matures in 100 days; is a two-row and presently quite popular with maltsters due to its’ good disease resistance, consistency, high enzyme levels and low protein.  It has been registered since 1997, and has made a huge impact on the industry for both processors and producers.

Pulse Crops:

– Yellow Peas: Admiral: These are fantastic in salads if you use the top 6-8″ of fresh growth and you may have to keep track of the growing cycle to get your fill of young peas in pod.  Dry yellow peas are used in soups.  Besides the human uses they also make good animal feed.  Peas added to crop rotations also are a great natural source of nitrogen fixing.     


– Canola: We use the Round-Up Ready trait varieties to be able to control the higher quantity of unwanted growth through the use of zero till practices.


– Oat Straw: We presently have bales for sale. Please call for details and availability. Thank you.



– For Sale: